3D Works

Models and renderings made in Maya and 3D studio Max:

Farm3d Prova15
Farm7 Farm8
WoodleTree4 WoodleTree5
WoodleTree1 WoodleTree3
Monster1 Monster2
Monster3 Monster4
Jake1 Jake2
Jake4 Jake5
Jake3 Jake6
Human7 Human6
Human2 Human1
Human1 Human2
Human3 Human5
Link3 Link4
Link1 Link2
Level5 Level4
Level6 Level7
Level9 Level10
RockDude1 RockDude2
RockDude4 RockDude3
Casetta1 Casetta2
Casetta10 Casetta6
Level7 Level3
Level3 Level5
Gang2 Gang1

Models made in Zbrush:

EvilSkull1 EvilSkull2
EvilSkull3 Octoman
Alien1 Alien2
piovra5 mostro1

Rendering and modeling in Cinema 4D and VRray:

Esercizio5 VrayTest2
Esercizio7 Esercizio10
Esercizio6 Esercizio7

Planning in AutoCAD:

AutoCAD1 Immagine2 
Immagine5 AutoCAD6


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