More from Global Game Jam 2014!

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We’ve decided to create some new levels for the game we’ve developed during the Global Game Game in 48 hours 😉

As I’ve already said you can play it dicrectly on GameJolt or Kongregate:

Here are some images of the game in development

TheWayOfLifeFinal3 2014-01-27 21-37-54-54

TheWayOfLifeFinal3 2014-01-27 21-40-05-80

TheWayOfLifeFinal3 2014-01-27 21-41-46-86


Pics from our new game!


Title Screen



Here are some pics from our next upcoming game! I can’t say anything else about it, but I hope those pics inspire you!
Stay Tuned my friends 🙂

Suicide Guy

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I just published my fist game on Kongregate!

Check it out:

(Game made using Unity3D, Maya, 3D StudioMax, Photoshop, Crazybump, Audacity)

(Written in C# and Javascript)

(Played : 32100 times – Rating: 3.8/5)

UPDATE : you can play a new level on